Climate Week vs Fashion Week: thoughts on an article

Fashion Saves the Planet
Oxfam gathering in Central Park 20/9/09

Oxfam gathering in Central Park 20/9/09

I read a fantastic article by  Tamara Giltsoff, an independent Sustainability Strategy and Innovation consultant. The article elaborates on the relationship between Fashion and Climate, triggered by the fact that as soon as Fashion Week wrapped up in New York on Sept. 20th 2009, Climate Week commenced.

Fashion and the environment go hand in hand and at times can be the worst enemies. Shopping for all that we desire is not, or won’t be possible very soon. The planet has no resources to make all the stuff we lust after, while as we shop guilt free for the latest trend on the high street, children and families elsewhere are dying due to over-cultivation, droughts and climate change.

The time for major changes in the fashion industry, the way we shop, consume and ‘treat our possessions’ (meaning get rid of them) is really-really close. READ MORE HERE.


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