Men: Spring/Summer 2010 Collections’ Summary

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band of outsiders

Band of Outsiders S/S 2010

Dear chaps:

Trends come and go, but this coming spring/summer you are in for serious elegance, much to the delight to the rest of us – female population that is. Slim, lean, straight and 3 buttons is what you need to have on the brain when buying your next suit. Think of the nouvelle vague and the swinging 60s in a palette of white, soft yellow, grey, brown, tan, charcoal and cobalt blue. All this can be teamed with simple, understated and monochromatic Ts, stripy shirts, a nautical top or a soft summer sweater. For the younger crowd an 80s inspired suit is also suitable and if you must you can still wear your ribbed jeans.

These were my favourite collections:

  • Philip Lim: 80’s inspired, high-waist trousers. Think David Bowie in a suit.
  • Michael Bastian: lean and trim shapes, 3 buttoned suits. A new way to wear your buttoned down long sleeve striped shirt is with chocolate brown long shorts. The designer also pays a tribute to the trilby hat. He also pairs nautical stripes with military pants. Preppy college boy meets rocker.
  • Band of Outsiders: 60s inspired 3-buttoned suits, paired with classic white Ts and sneakers. Good for any age and you can’t go wrong. The Prada suits were also designed with the same philosophy.
  • The ripped jean trend is still full on as the D&G collection demonstrated. I am not a fan unless you are a young, ribbed fellow in your 20s.
  • Lovely 3 piece suits from Simon Spur, which bring up memories of the London swinging 60s, in all shades of cobalt blue and sand.
  • Great shoes and accessories in the Bottega Venneta range which promise to brighten up muted beiges and grey outfits.
  • Hermès delivered the understated posh-ness which the House is famous for, and which is so in tune with the new way of dressing luxuriously. The same principal goes for the Missoni collection, which mainly consists from relaxed suits paired with the famous knits. All you need to complement your outfit is a yacht.

To check out the collections go to:


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