All I want for Xmas: Cool knits and funky oxfords

You ask. We answer.

Nothing screams winter holidays aka cozy gatherings with hot cocoa and yummy treats, like cool knits and funky oxfords do. It is actually the go to combo that will take you anywhere from a casual Friday, picking up your kid from school, a shopping spree, a gathering with friends for some malted wine, to x-mas lunch with the in-laws. All done in style and still being very comfortable.

The good news is that the high street is full of cool knits and funky oxfords this season.

Knit from Warehouse

As far as knits are concerned, buy something in a style that works with the rest of your wardrobe, and that it flatters your body shape. If you are slim you are very lucky as anything goes. If you are a bit on the chubbier size avoid all the heavy knitting as it adds inches; try something that is softer. You can go slouchy or belt your knit if you want to seem a bit more polished. Mid length knits are fantastic with leggings and skinnies. Shorter length knits are great with skirts.

Finishing with a quirky oxford shoe gives an instant va-va-voom to your look. Try something unconventional like funky details & trimmings, metallic finishes, lace or faux-exotic leathers.

Oxfords from Anthropologie

Style: Check. Comfort ability: Check.  Fabulous darling!


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