The 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards and the beautiful people

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It is hard to keep up with the award shows in January and March, as it seems that by the time you are thinking of writing up about one, there is another followed by another. They are all the same, year after year, with the stars saying the same stuff award show after award show. Thank goodness we have the pregnancies, the dates, and sometimes the clothes to be able to know what event we are watching.

Let’s see who made the list of the beautiful people this time at the 2010 SAGAs:

The Fashion Forward (In order of the blog’s preference)

  • Edie Falco in Bottega Veneta was one of my favourite looks. So 2010.
  • Diane Kruger in Jason Wu. She was the showstopper. Divine and ethereal.
  • Kate Hudson. I like a blond woman in white and Pucci is a safe bet for style and uniqueness.
  • Meryl Streep in Balenciaga looked fresh and current. I applaud.
  • Jennifer Karpender: Great legs, a simple white dress, cute pumps and she had the event nailed.
  • Colin Firth. Delicious and I bet he knew it.
  • Lea Michelle looked very sophisticated in a jewel toned Maladrino gown.
  • Mo’Nique, in Badgley Mischka: appropriate, embraced her curves and looked very stylish.

The Prom Queens (In no order)

–       Christina Applegate’s gown suited her, but is was too froufrou and everything was matchy-matchy.

–       Anna Kendrick: you look too mauve dear.

–       Kyra Sedgwick you dress is talking:  “ I am the Queen of the Prom, the Queen of the Prom”

Fire the Stylist (ASAP):

  1. Mariah Carey: Please dress for the body you have today. Not the one you had 20 years ago.
  2. Julia Dreyfus: Please return the dress & the stylist to Gwyneth, who by the way when she wore a similar number a few award shows back was grilled by the Fashion Police.
  3. Sophia Loren: Crocheting and haute couture don’t work together. You should know better after 50 years of parading in Hollywood.
  4. Drew Barymore: The Lamp is missing its Shade. Please return it.



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