Green Spring

Fashion Saves the Planet

Top from Edun

Spring is all about nature’s rebirth and fresh beginnings. That includes our closets.  While you’re at it, try and remember to organize your closet in a greener way than usual. What I mean is keep in mind that if you throw something away, it will only go to waste and pollute in a time that we can all use fewer CO2 emissions. It is quite easy to go green and fashionable this spring and we will tell you how:

1. To clear and to be green


When you are getting rid of stuff, think  of who else might need it. If you have stuff in a very good condition, and you think that some of your friends might like it, why not throw a swishing party? If you are new in this check out this website for tips on how to organize the perfect swishing bash,


Why not sell stuff that you don’t need anymore and get some money in exchange? is a safe bet, but there are other places such as


The rest of the stuff you won’t swish or sell you may take it to your local charity shop. They always welcome donations. And if you are worried of what happens in the case that they don’t  manage to sell your stuff, don’t be. They will either ship some of it abroad to countries and people who will use it, and some of it will be used to stuff chairs, sofas or even car seats. Nothing needs to be wasted anymore!

Recycle it

There is always the case of a dreadful T-shirt that is stained and no one can use it or exchange it with something else. I know…We all have such treasures in your closets. Place those items in the appropriate recycling bags, or bins and not in the garbage bag. They can be recycled instead or wasted.

2. To shop and be green

You have identified the gaps in your closet after a thorough spring cleaning. Usually it takes a couple of new items of clothing, maybe a new pair of shoes and a couple of accessories to sort your look and pull your wardrobe together. Not more. I repeat: not more. This is how you can shop greener:

High Street

So now you are at the shops. Relax and take a deep breath. Go in your favourite shops and browse. Not only for the stuff you need, but for the stuff you need but which is ethically produced or is organically certified or both. A lot of the high street retailers offer such choices. Just ask the staff and they will help. M&S has an organic range of basics, Topshop carries brands such as People Tree, and there is always American Apparel who only offers fair-traded and organic stuff to get you started.


Vintage is a great way to update your wardrobe and it is green. Make it a habit to check out vintage shops or charity shops in posh addresses: they are full of treasures.


Green Shopping at its best. You can check out the company’s credentials and find some really  fashionable pieces. There are many companies that are combining fashion with sustainability, you’ll be spoilt of choice. Start here if you are new at this: Beyond skin for fantastic shoes,  Amana, Gossipium, and Edun for great and sustainable clothes. You’ll see; you’ll be bitten by the green bug before you know it.

Happy spring!


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