party dressing for the summer of 2010

Go shopping. Go personal

John Lewis Collection

We are almost into May, the flowers are blooming and the sun gently caresses our cheeks…My! It is one of my favorite times of the year.

May is the preferred month for parties and special occasions, so everyone I know is in the search of the perfect party dress. Not too fussy, not to simple, others like it short, others flowery, other want to show off boobs – it is quite a quest, let me tell you.

The good news is that you will definitely find your perfect match on the high street or your favorite vintage shop this year. Keep this list handy when you go shopping and you’ll find your dream frock in no time:

1. Know your figure: be honest with yourself. What is your best feature and what is your worst? Know and own them. Play up the good parts to flaunt a hot look. Don’t waste your time trying on things that you know they won’t suit you. If your legs are hot, try on a mini, of your shoulders are shapely go for a dress that shows them off, etc. You get the idea.  I don’t want to see wobbly bits hanging, unnecessary overexposure, or clothes that are not your size – thank you very much.

2. Know your accessories: When you are buying a new dress, it is good to know what shoes, bags & jewelry you already own. which could be paired with it. Make your wardrobe work for you. It is not necessary to purchase the whole lot each time. Your wallet will be thankful.

3. Styles that are hot now and will be hot tomorrow: Maxi dresses with a floral print, 50s & 60s inspired frocks, simple designs but in a hot colour. The styles featured here can get you started.

Happy spring and happy shopping!

Maxi dress fron French Connection

Olivia Dress

Pansy Dress from Monsoon

50s Dress Hobbs


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