I love tights!

You ask. We answer.

Recently, I read an article about tights  in a  prominent  fashion magazine. The author, a fashionista who originally is a Londoner but is now a New York resident, was claiming that if one is a true fashion lady, she should never wear tights…She claims that only bare legs work well with pretty frocks, while bare gams is also a status thing, as it gives the impression that the bearer uses a car to be dropped off at places and thus is no need of warm attire. At least this is what they do on the other side of the Pond according to the author.

What a load of rubbish! I  lived in NY for over a decade, I visit quite often and I can assure you, that only the crazies can go out in the below zero temperatures without tights. Freezing toes and legs that resemble freshly plucked poultry is chic? No way Jose!

Beat the cold in a pretty frock with stylish leggings and tights is my motto. There are so many styles out there that you can be spoiled of choice: sheer, opaque, fishnets, colorful, stripey, you name it, you’ll find it. The high street has plenty of choices and designs, as these featured here by Asos.com. Fill your drawer with various types of tights and give your dresses a breath of fresh air, and your legs much needed love and warmth. The crazies may run around in bare legs feeling all miserable.  FEELING HAPPY IS CHIC MY FRIENDS 🙂


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