A day at Clothes Show Live 2010

You ask. We answer.

If you live in Britain and are into fashion, a visit at the Live Clothes Show is a must: you can update your wardrobe, find new designers or some of your favourite high street shops with fantastic offers, and get a make over just in time before invitations for Christmas parties start pouring in. It is for girls and women of all ages, who want to have fun, to find out first hand about fashion, make-up and hair trends, to watch live catwalk shows and  -in the end of all this- to share a good laugh over a glass of bubbly.

While browsing around the other day, I noticed that some fabulous new designers were exhibiting along with some, hmmm, not so fabulous, some fantastic new talent fresh out of design school, cool makeup stands, and fun fashion shows featuring all the trends for a glam winter 2010:

–       Lady like looks inspired from the 1950s and the ‘Mad Men’ series

–       The ‘carrot pant’ (buggy on top with a slim leg) & fur & sky-high heels combo

–       Beige muted colour palettes for easy chic dressing

–       Frilly, soft, flowery blouses, which will be worn now and well into spring

–       Suede booties, ditto

–       Above the knee, bouncy skirts: get them in a flowery pattern and you’ll be ahead of the fashion pack

–       Lacy tights for evening for a bit of sexy

–       Tea dresses & knits to dress up your down time and to wear when you are meeting friends for Christmas shopping and brunch

–       Leopard prints in accessories and coats to add a va-a-voom attitude to your basic black

My favourite shops were: Komodo for amazingly fashionable finds which are all produced with organic materials and embrace all ethical fashion standards in a high street price, Yuki for versatile, easy and chic dresses, and Britnix for fabulous silk underwear.

After a full morning of browsing the shops, we stopped for a glass of bubbly to prepare ourselves for the highlight of the day: the ‘Night at the Movies’ fashion show, featuring the Prince of the high street Gok Wan, and 40 models and dancers. They took us into a fashionable journey which showcased more than 250 different looks inspired of the 2010 fashion trends, under the music and décor of some of our favourite Hollywood feature films such as ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘James Bond series’, Spagetti Western films, the ‘Space Odyssey’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’.

Overall a full, fun day perfect for a pre-Christmas outing. The Clothes Show Live will be on until the 8th of December at NEC in Birmingham.

Pepi Dress from Komodo

Yuki Bow Jumper


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