All I want for Christmas…

You ask. We answer.

Shoes and Dresses by Michael Kors

…is you (my special one person, people, pet or other)…And… a few more things to help me get through the busy Christmas party season and the cold chill of  winter:

–       A fabulous dress in a fun colour: this year you can be creative and wear something colourful to your special outing. Black may be chic, but red is festive, yellow is rich and blue is regal.

–       A warm coat: keep the winter chills away with a lovely coat. Fake fur adds a bit of boho glam to any outfit, while if you choose a neutral colour, you’ll always look pulled together in an effortless way.

–       Dangly earrings: jazz up your everyday look with a pair of dangling earrings. You’ll feel the spirit of the holidays coming your way.

–       Fun shoes: forget sensible for once and go for a serious heel and a fun design. It will dress up your basics in an instant. Pair them with a cute bag, a red lipstick and a red mani and you’re good to go.

Be very merry, x


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