London Fashion Week/AW 2011/ Best in Show


Another LFW came and went by quickly. It took me a couple of weeks to process everything. So much talent and so many exciting things this year! As it is difficult to cover everything with one article, we will feature several. Today’s topic is ‘BEST IN SHOW‘. We will talk about the designers whose creations captured my heart. Stuff that I want to wear and it is not necessarily in the collection of the Pradas, and the Chanels of this world. Which is a good thing.

The Essence: It is all about the details this season. You get the exceptional tailoring or garment, but it is all about the little bits that make an outfit. The inspiration comes from the 20s, 30s, 60s with a twist to make it  current and relevant. The colour palette is white, grey, beige, black, charcoal – no surprises here –  with the occasional red and blue thrown in. Think of your clothes as your basic canvas and add  details for a personal feel.

One big trend that was everywhere in LFW was accessories. This season, the accessories will make or break an outfit. So if you are on a budget, embellish your basics with accessories and no one will notice that top from 2 seasons ago.

Best in show / The Accessories

Joanne Stoker

Shoes / Joanne Stoker:

This newcomer has captured the elegance and edge of art deco design in her shoes. There wasn’t one design that I did not love. Avant-garde footwear at its best.

Jewelry / Joanna Cave

Ms Cave is very on trend with a fantastic jewelry collection inspired by the dynamism and fragility of the contemporary woman. Her collection is inspired by old art nouveau costumes, featuring headpieces, large earrings and draped necklaces. Most of the pieces are from recycled gold and silver, adding a sustainable feature in the collection. Simply irresistible.

Clutches / Wilbur and Gussie

This collection of classic clutches with whimsical ornamentation my favourite arm candy of the season. I want to get the whole collection and even more.

Eyelashes / Paperself

I am not usually commenting on hair and make up, but I am making an exception this time. Paperself are one of a kind falsies, which make your eyes look out of this world. Made of paper, hence the brand name, they are very easily applied. With such fairy-like eyelashes, all eyes will be on you.


Accessories may have been the thing for LFW/AW11, but Fashion Week is about the clothes. The collections I thought were special, had amazing tailoring, they were fresh and modern with an essence from a special heritage and nostalgia. You won’t see the nouveau riche yummy -or not- mummy. girlfriend, trophy wife wearing them and it’d better stay this way please.

Best in show /  The Clothes

Holly Futton

Best New Generation Designer / Holly Futton:

This new designer, who originally wanted to be a vet and thank Fashion God she didn’t, has Joan Collins as her style idol and yet designs for the modern Catherine Deneuve that we all have inside us. I loved her 60’s inspired designs  all with a 2011 flair.

Best Ethical Designer / Partimi



Eleanor Dorian-Smith, the designer of Partimi, takes us into a magical journey of momentum, childhood memories and lush winter gardens all with a utilitarian urban approach. Her clothes are versatile, easy to wear and very special. Never has a modern urban woman looked so elegant and effortless. Having ethical roots and an ethical philosophy makes it even better.

Watch this space for more LFW/AW 2011 news shortly. X


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