Babydoll Dresses

You ask. We answer.

Coast dress from John Lewis

Baby doll dresses mentally transport me to summary places, with beach music, a soft breeze cooling my face and something lemony with a splash of fiz in hand…All that can happen on the tube, on my way to work or at home while I do laundry. All I need is to think of a baby doll dress and bingo, I am transferred to a magical place.

Dress from Anthropologie

The good news is that baby doll dresses are seen everywhere this season. The best  option is babydoll dresses in luxurious and ethereal  fabrics, a perfect solution for a dressy evening out. They  are particular easy to style, just add fancy heels or a high heeled strappy sandal and a pretty clutch and you are ready to go.

When you go shopping for your dress keep these the two rules in mind: The height of the hem  and the sheerness of the fabrics. I am very serious here: if the hem is short all elegance is gone: you will  either resemble a 12 year old, or an adult film starlet who threw something on in between takes, or an aging tramp (depending on your age).  For the younger, the hem can be just above the knee and for the older just below. Also, under no circumstances and for the same reasons your babydoll dress can be see-through either. Yes ladies…be careful.

Another thing to remember when you strut your stuff in your newly acquired  baby doll dress, is  to wear matching coloured nickers. Babydoll dresses are known to fly all over the place once the breeze sets in and it is best that you are coloured coordinated 🙂

Ethical dress from Annie Greenabelle


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