Getting ready for the fall

You ask. We answer.

River Island high heeled loafers

I am sitting in a beautiful holiday home in Greece, and trying to grasp the feeling of the first autumn breezes and fresh rain as I am soon to catch a flight to London and go back to my other life. Sometimes it seems that I have 2 lives: my beach one and my city one. My urban life is in a country (UK) with much less sunshine, and quite different from the one I spend in Greece every summer, which is very simple and focused around beach activities. All you need here is a few summer dresses, a couple of pairs of jeans, a few tops, lots of swimwear and sarongs, sun hats, a good sun tan lotion and an after-sun cream. Oh! Add flip-flops and a couple of pairs of sandals and your sartorial needs are complete.

In my urban life, the more wintry and dressed up one, I need loads of things: things to wear at home; things to wear and run errands; things to wear to work which as it is in fashion, they need to be fashionable, stylish, yet comfortable to run around to meet clients and retailers. And last but not least, accessories, coats and hats as they pull everything together. That seems much more complicated than the summer dressing, and it is. But it is so much more exciting; especially with the change of season, which brings a fresh start into anything.

In this state, I am sitting here, compiling a mental list of what I will need to face my wintry life which is about to begin soon. In one day to be exact. Getting on a plane to go to a somewhat cloudy and chilly place is not my cup of tea really, but shopping for autumn and winter takes the edge off and promises an easier transition phase from summer to autumn. Ah! And about that list…it looks like this:

–          Autumn coat: I will definitely need something in colour. Maybe in a shade of  red to match my slight tan now, and afterwards to brighten up my mood when we drift into the lower temperatures.

–          Long sleeved dresses. As I cannot start to dress too complicatedly at the moment, a couple of nice long sleeved dresses will help this transition. Dresses that will look good with no tights on, or with socks and heels, and with boots.

–          Scarves: I always get some new scarves to dress up my tees, feel a bit warmer with a summer frock and a cardigan and in general get in the mood for winter.

–          College platform shoes: they go with everything from one’s summer wardrobe, mid-length and at the knee skirts that are everywhere now. These shoes are also exceptionally stylish with wide legged trousers and jeans that are still going strong this season.

–          Bag: a new bag always brings a breath of fresh air in one’s wardrobe and will lift my spirits any day. I want one in brilliant blue to match with cinnamon and white cardigans which I will enjoy wearing on a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll in the park.

Happy autumn! I can’t wait .


Red minimal coat from

Vero moda dress at


Marc by Marc Jacobs bag at


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