Love the Reptiles

You ask. We answer.

Trousers from Zara

Trends can be alluring even to people who work in fashion and pretend to be blaze about it. Peole like me, who try not to follow trends as much as possible. Yet…The reptile trend got me this morning when I was browsing the magnificent Kings Road in search of a ‘statement trouser’ which would not break the bank either. Zara was the store which won my vote and took my cash: the trousers I found,  fit like a glove, are super flattering, control any lumps and bumps and are in a reptile print. Gorgeous python-like print. Statement trouser=check, Reptile trend=check, Budget conscious=check, Not being environmentally cruel to animals just because they have beautiful skins=check.

That’s right. Not because we are fashionistas it is acceptable to be cruel to animals and wear their precious skin. Exotic skins and furs are all over the place this Autumn and Winter 2011/2012, but I will never choose the real thing for either myself or my clients. I am not the one voting yes to wearing corpses and I am certainly more pro-environmental than pro-fashion, especially after reading more about it, like this fabulous article by Dawn Starin about REPTILES.

Yes, I love  reptileseven if I would completely freak out if I ever saw one in the wild or yet touch one– and so should you my lovely readers. Choose the print and not the skin and spread the love. Perhaps the creative directors of the big fashion houses will listen and finally stop using the ‘real thing’ and choose the print instead.



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