Party Outfitting Sorted

You ask. We answer.

The holiday season is almost here and I am sure all you fine girls’ calendars must be quite booked by now. If you are like many of my clients, more than 2 invitations can be a bit dreading in the ‘what to wear department’. The thing for festive party dressing is to get 2-3 basic things and style them differently, so you look like you are wearing a brand new outfit each time. The tips show you how  3 different clothing items and 3 different accessories can be mixed and matched. Keep the colour scheme simple, your tailoring sharp and your materials luxurious for an ultimate chic and not cheap effect.

Let’s start with the shopping – most stuff is from your high street main shops with a little bit of vintage:

The clothes

1. Sleevless Dress from ZARA

2. Black fitted and properly tailored jacket. Louvre ink jacket from All Saints

3. Red Cigarette Pants French Connection from ASOS

The accessories:

4. High heeled courts from Kurt Geiger

5. Clarks and Mary animal print bootie


5. Gold and silver Andre Cellini mesh bag from

 Now think of the outfits and the endless possibilities here:

Outfit a:  black dress + heels + mesh evening bag (add a black feather boa or a fun stole for extra party points)= part princess, part sexy siren, this outfit will be  great for most parties

Outfit b: Black jacket + red trousers  + high heels and mesh evening bag = cool look for a cool party with your friends and family. Add a red lippy for extra party points

Outfit c: Black dress + jacket + black heels + mesh bag = good look for the office party. You may play up the accessories to glam up the look, i.e. dangly silver earings and silver cuffs

Outfit d: Red trousers   + black jacket + white Tee or white buttoned down shirt + booties= Xmas lunch with his parents

Outfit e: black dress + white buttoned down shirt (worn underneath) + booties = cool chic a la Alexa Chung, perfect for drinks with friends

Enjoy the party season!


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