The colour of Spring and how to work it

Men's exclusive, You ask. We answer.

Take a look at your wardrobe…What do you see? I bet a lot of black, grey, greige and some more, right? Now take a look outside the window (a sunny day is the best backdrop to this test). Do you see any black, grey, greige? Maybe just a little and I bet it is accents on buildings and not on natural things, right?

Spring is here and so are the colours of the rainbow. This season and the next and the next (been to many London Fashion Week shows this year and colour is BIG). There are a few ways you can introduce colour in your dressing and here we will tell you how:

 Strong 2 colour blocking with muted accessories. Take notes from Mrs SJP’s outfit here. She has chosen a strong colour for the top / red, and another for the bottom / shocking rose pink and has left the accessories neutral. Perfection.

 Pastel colour blocking. Since pastels    are muted colours and quite soft, there are no limitations on how you work colour blocking, as long as you don’t wear matchy-matchy. Here’s an example.

Inject colour in a neutral outfit. This look is for the beginners or the ultra-sophisticated lady of a certain age, who loves colour but is not ready to resemble an extra from ‘Lemon Popsicle’. The way to do it is to wear a neutral outfit and inject strong or soft colours with your accessories.

By the way, colour blocking is not only for the girls, it is also cool for the boys. These gentlemen work it!

Happy Spring,



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