Men Spring 2012 and why the Brits do it better

Men's exclusive

I have a confession to make: I am a sucker for a well dressed with a ‘je ne sais quoi’ attitude in men. It has been a while where I got excited about men’s collections. A well dressed man will always catch my eye. When I say ‘well dressed man’,  it always has to do with a semi-classic look, great materials, detailing and a certain twist. This is why the Brits do it better.

British design is the answer for those of you who seek good tailoring, but with a fresh outlook and an injection of colour. The look this year is reminiscent of the way Steve Mc Queen dressed at the ‘Thomas Crown Affair’ movie with the gorgeous Faye Dunaway . It is a well thought wardrobe of structured and casual looks, great lines and an even greater attitude. Here’s how you can dress the part by going to those who do it best:

The quintessential British brand, Hackett London, is my no1 on the list. Not only did it get the 2012 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade, but it reflects what modern male dressing is all about: eclectic, great design and fantastic fabrics.

If you budget cannot stretch to get a Hackett blue blazer paired with a bright chino and a delicious 120 2 ply cotton shirt to go with it, you might find Toast the place where you can start building your linen wardrobe and add to your summer office to beach house collection of staple pieces. Not only will you be wearing fabulous clothes with a serious ethical and environmental strategy built around them, but you will be stopped occasionally to be asked: ‘where do those canvas shoes come from?’ Pair them with a linen trouser and a relaxed Breton top and head to the beach for a buggy ride.

Last but not least there is Eden and Park for the perfect rugby shirt and so much more. Is it a coincidence that it is often the brand of choice for Royal Ascot attendants? Need I say more?

Enjoy the season,



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