Summer coats special

You ask. We answer.

Iceberg Coats

Residing in London only makes one realize that, the weather  should not be trusted. One minute the sun is out and the next 2 hours it rains. Savvy fashionistas know that a summer coat is a wardrobe staple for London – bear that in mind while you are packing your suitcase on route here this summer.

Normally wearing a coat in the midst of summer would be a depressing thought for me. However with all those cute options available – I am just excited.  The fun started with Iceberg  for SS2010 in Milan, where we became acquainted with the bring coloured summer outwear. Such a coat is fun, sleek, dressy enough to go to a party, and easy enough to through over a pair of jeans and a white T; one can still go walk the dog in the park, but  in style. I still wear mine wherever and whenever possible. The fact that my coat is now 2 years old just justifies the motto  that ‘a stylish piece outlives more than 2 seasons’. For those of you who are looking at the shops now, take guidance from the pros: Akris, Paul Smith and Gucci, who are keeping things sleek, simple and white.

Akris, Paul Smith and Gucci

If designer outer gear is out of your reach – do not worry! The high street will have you all covered too. Check out this beauty of a anorak/parka combo from Anthropologie, which is sleek, fun and will definitely keep you warm and dry. Rain! Bring it ON!


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