Autumn Calling: The Essentials to Update any Wardrobe

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Fall is all around us. The trees are turning into a palette of burnt orange, red and yellow,  temperatures are dropping and everything is calling us to wrap up and prepare for winter. I am so excited about the fashion options we have this fall: great coats, lots of faux leather (greener and kinder to animals), beautiful dresses, fun woolly jumpers, great jackets, a bit of preppy, a bit of military and embroidery for evening. Let us not forget the shoes, boots and bags. Oh my! The list is getting longer and longer, but you don’t have to break the bank or buy things that won’t last you for the next few seasons, as long as you shop sensibly. A sensible girl looks for beautiful design, great quality and timeless pieces. Here’s the top of the crop to get you started:

Great woollies: check out, for beautiful knits, all made in Britain by ethically sourced yarn. Their foxglove tunic is beautiful, warm but light as a feather.

Parka coat from Toast

Coats: my favourite ones is a navy pea coat from Topshop , and this parka from Toast which I will add to my coat collection

Faux leather: if it is not a leather dress it will have to be a leather pencil skirt, to breathe some Beatnik air to a simple black polo neck. Check out Warehouse

Faux leather skirt from Warehouse

Dresses: If Asos cannot help with a selection of over 1,500 dresses, then no-one can.  My favourite one is this sexy number from Aqua, which takes you from the boardroom -with a jacket thrown on top – to cocktails.

 Shoes & Boots: If I am buying a new pair this year, I am going straight to Anthropologie for some pointy courts, in either a red colour, or silver, which I will wear with everything from jeans to a fun evening dress. If my feet need some rest, my resort is flat college shoes which look good with trousers and skirts. Their boots are terrific too this season. Now that I come to think of it, this will be an accessories one stop shopping for me. Check out the collection here.

And finally… the bags. I know that small is HOT now, but I’d rather go for this tangerine Stella Mc Cartney lovely. You’ll be the belle of the market and you’re investing in a bag that will last for many seasons to come. Plus it is made from mock-suede, which is wonderfully animal friendly.

Happy shopping and stay toasty,



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