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I don’t know about you, but most men that I know never bother with Christmas wish lists. That leaves the significant others in their life to come running to me for advice. As fashion is my expertise I only give advice on how to expand their ‘man’s’ wardrobe. For gadgets and electronic knick-knacks check out GQ.

The whole idea is to know your man’s wardrobe – not to the last detail obviously, but at least have a good sense of what is in there. Buy him something that he will like and will work with what he owns already. For example don’t bother looking for a tie when your guy keeps clear from dressed up attire, and so on, but do help smarten up a suit with a brand new shirt or get him a nice bag or pair of shoes that he will keep forever. For the festive season, I usually  go for something that he can wear at a party or for Christmas lunch, or get him something useful that he might not splurge on himself. For the rest wait for the sales which are round the corner 🙂

Another advise I always give when buying gifts for men, is to not  take huge risks and keep things simple yet elegant. My must-have list  are gifts which are useful, nice to feel and touch, have style, but don’t break the bank either. Take notes ladies and gentlemen: this is the super edited men’s Christmas list for those of you who don’t have the time or the patience to dwell over 101 posibilities.

 My super edited xmas list:

1. A velvet blazer: so cool over jeans or a dressier pant, this blazer from Banana Republic ticks all the boxes.

2. Who can say no to a beautiful pair of Churches? They now come in flexi soles to keep his feet happy and chic from morning until night.

3. A shirt and a tie is never a miss, even if your guy has a collection of them. There is a huge selection at J. Crew to cover all options from casual to dressier styles. I like this tartan tie which I would pair with a crisp white shirt over cords or jeans. Throw on a cardi and enjoy Xmas lunch with the family. Change the cardi into a blazer and you are ready to paint the town red. You get the idea.

4. A messenger bag takes a leap and dives into designer territory, without the price tag. I am loving this beauty from Ollie and Nic which will smarten up your man’s everyday look when carrying his stuff to the office.


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