The Baftas Red Carpet: the yays, nays and why it cannot match up with the Oscars

Competitions - Award Shows, You ask. We answer.

baftasBaftas 2015 – 8 February 2015: My mood pre-red carpet: Excitement and happiness to see the British screen royalty in its Sunday best to one of the most highbrow award ceremonies of the year. After the red carpet: felt puzzled and utterly disappointed.

The only question that I have is: Why? Why? Why? How can it be that some of the best looking people amongst us looked so out of place in their party gear? What happened stylists? You get a pretty face with a hot bod to match and you decide to turn them into train wrecks?

I don’t like playing Fashion Police but some looks were inexplicable. Monica Belluci, the most beautiful woman in the World, looked like Morticia Adam’s stepmom. Hofit Golan and Kara Tointon (sorry who are these people?) looked like extras in a Vegas show. Nimrat Kaur wore her prom dress and so did Claudia Winkleman, while Imelda Staunton channelled a Quality Street sweet wrapper.

David Beckham, bless him, completely out of his depth in that tux and bowtie. Mica Levi? I cannot explain this, please help me. Patricia Arquette and Reese Witherspoon, both looked like the “mothers of the bride”. And Julie Walters: nice try with the sparkly dress, but it all went to waste with that horrid black wraparound on top. If you are cold, wear a fake fur stole or something.

Thank goodness that someone did their fashion homework and some people’s looks were worth lusting over: Keira Knightley, Kristin Scott Thomas, Laura Haddock, Rosamund Pike: on behalf of the fashionistas world we thank you.

To enjoy all of this in images, click here:


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