Obsession with Fuchsia and Red

You ask. We answer.

It there is one thing that you should add to your winter wardrobe right now is a pop of fuchsia or red. A combo of the two will send you to fashion stratosphere;  it is the magic recipe for spring and summer 2018.

If you are a fashion beginner: Brighten up your everyday black and grey wardrobe with a bag – like this one from Chanel or add a pop for funky sunnies.

For the more advanced a trench in fuschia like this Burberry one will easily transition you from winter to spring. A pantsuit in red will stand out in the sea of boring blues and blacks in the office and get you noticed.

If you feel a bit “je ne sais quoi”, try a 50s skirt and jumper in these delicious hues. If it is a wedding you need to attend, why not wear something in ripe berry?

You saw it here first 🙂


Dress Like a Man

You ask. We answer.

I was browsing through the 2017 men’s fashion shows images and there was one thing that kept coming to my mind: why don’t men dress like men anymore? And I don’t mean the jeans with black jacket & ‘trendy trainers’ that every other man in London is sporting, nor the greige chinos and light blue button down that you see most of the  bankers’ lot wearing as a weekend uniform. I am not even going to the UK high street shop male consumer, who on average may be dressing sensibly, but yet so boring!

But what can one do, if designer brands are beyond one’s means?  This afternoon I was running errands in Bloomsbury and walked in this incredible shop: Thomas Farthing. Wow! Finally a shop where men can dress like men in classic UK brands, made in the UK. The shops offers everything you need as far as getting a well cut suit is concerned, paired with great accessories such as hats, ties, belts and suspenders, and scarves. They also carry curiosities  from vintage leather footballs and rugby boots, to ornaments for your office or library, wonderful grooming sets and yummy smelling toiletries. It is located just around the corner from the British Museum; head to 40 Museum Street, London, WC1A 1LU. The shop assistants who are all smartly dressed but also hip will get you sorted.


Tops and Bottoms

You ask. We answer.