Ivi Varda: go shopping, go personal, is a company that works with regular people, who need personal shopping services  on a budget. Spending a tad bit extra and getting a wardrobe that just works together is probably the most clever thing you’ve done for your image.

We work with men and women, of any age and size. We want you to look great and feel even better. This is not a service for the rich and famous. It is a service for you. For all the beautiful people out there.

We shop in all your favorite stores but will spark it up by showing you new little boutiques and new designers. The people we work with are all unique and very affordable. But we can also shop high end brands if this is what your heart desires. Tell us what your budget is and we will work with that. Simple & clear as a breeze.

Our company started in NY, and now has moved to London, UK, and we work with clients in both cities. Email us now and get 20% off as a new client.

Contact info:
Office: +44 7503915812